Three Reasons To Utilize Commercial Storage During Your Medical Office Remodeling Project

Remodeling your professional medical office throughout the years is a good way to keep everything updated and looking great for patients, but this is one task that can be a major headache when you run a business that really cannot shut down for long periods. While there are some pretty useful tips out there about how to get through a medical office remodel without hassles, perhaps one of the best tips of all is to utilize commercial storage during the project.

How To Properly Store Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is an essential part of your backyard aesthetic in the summer, but once the cold weather rolls around, it needs to be stored inside. Since it is full-sized furniture, storing your patio furniture inside your home or in your garage can take up a lot of space that you could be using for a variety of other, more productive functions. In order to free this space up, you may want to consider renting a storage unit to put your patio furniture in until the summer weather comes back.

6 Home Staging Tips

When selling your home, you want to do everything you can to maximize your chances of selling quickly and for the full asking price. One thing that can really help you accomplish these goals is to deliberately stage your house for real estate showings. While you can always hire a professional home stager for an average of $100-150 an hour, with a little know-how you can save that money by staging your home yourself.

Helpful Tips For Full-Time RVers: Self Storage Facilities

If you are considering selling your home and taking to the road full-time in an RV, you'll need to downsize drastically! Not only will you have less space in your RV, you will have to pay attention to the weight limitations. Fortunately, you can store your additional belongings in a self storage facility so you can access them later. Here's what you need to know when using a storage facility to downsize before hitting the road as a full-time RVer.

Self Storage Tips - How To Protect Metal Items From Winter Weather

If you want to start using a self storage unit to secure your belongings long term, then it is quite possible that your items will need to withstand at least one winter. This means extremely cold temperatures and a good deal of moisture. While the cold may not be your immediate concern, especially if you are packing and storing during the summer months, you should think about the way that winter may affect the space.