6 Home Staging Tips

When selling your home, you want to do everything you can to maximize your chances of selling quickly and for the full asking price. One thing that can really help you accomplish these goals is to deliberately stage your house for real estate showings. While you can always hire a professional home stager for an average of $100-150 an hour, with a little know-how you can save that money by staging your home yourself. Here are six tips for professionally staging your home:

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

If you have a lot of large furniture and other household items taking up space, even after decluttering, a great solution is to rent a storage unit. Instead of getting rid of your beloved belongings, you can safely store them until it's time to move. This will help create a roomier and less cluttered feel in your home. Storage units are affordable, secure, clean, and can even come with climate control. For more information on self storage units, consider sites like http://www.northstarministorage.com.

Start by Decluttering

Your home will feel bigger and more calm the less clutter there is. In addition, potential buyers will more easily visualize themselves living in your home if it isn't chock-full of personal items and knickknacks. Before your showings you will want to remove personal items like family photos and stash them neatly away. Go through all of your belongings ruthlessly and donate things you no longer need or use to thrift stores. Alternatively, you can try selling them online or at a yard sale to make a little extra money for your upcoming move.

Make Closets Look Bigger

Potential buyers want to know that there's enough storage space for their clothes and other personal items, without the closets feeling cramped or cluttered. Once you declutter your home, you should have fewer objects in your closets, which is a huge help.

Another thing you can do to give the illusion of bigger closets is to paint the interior of each closet in a light paint color, which will make them look more spacious than they are. Next, neatly hang your clothes in groups of the same color which will make things look organized and neat. Remove objects from the floor of your closets as much as possible, and use neat, matching baskets to stash things like scarves, belts, and gloves.

Take Care of Small Repairs

Now is the time to tackle any small home improvement projects you've been putting off. Things like switch plates that need to be cleaned and re-screwed onto the walls, interior paint that needs to be touched up, and floor boards that need repaired make a huge difference in how your home comes across to buyers. These things may seem insignificant, but ignoring them may leave buyers with the impression that buying your home will result in a lot of hard work and chores for them right off the bat.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Even if you keep a clean home, a professional deep cleaning can have a huge impact on your home's appeal. Hire a cleaning company to deep clean, paying special attention to floors, windows, and the kitchen and bathroom. Your newly sparkling home will wow buyers without them even quite knowing why.

 Don't Forget Curb Appeal

While the inside of your home is very important, the first thing buyers see is the outside. Staging the outside of your home starts with lawn maintenance since an unkempt lawn can leave buyers with a bad feeling about your home. Neatly sweep the front porch, steps, and sidewalk. Inexpensive potted flowers and a new welcome mat can cheer up the front of any house with minimal effort or money.

By following these tips, you will help potential buyers see your home in the best possible light.