What Types Of Climate-Controlled Storage Units Can You Rent?

Self-storage is an affordable way to organize your things during a move or over the course of your day-to-day life. Many people own items that are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is a great way to keep your clothes, perishables, and electronics in great condition, no matter the weather. The type of climate-controlled storage unit that you need will depend on your requirements and location. These are four types of climate-controlled storage units that you can rent:

1. Air-Conditioned Storage Units 

Some locales have mild winters but reach high temperatures during the summer. If you live in a hot region, some perishable food items, plastics, and electronics can suffer in the heat. Fortunately, air-conditioned storage units can help you keep your prized possessions cool in all weather. Air-conditioned storage units feature central air that runs around the clock to keep your items at a cool and stable temperature.

2. Heated Storage Units

Heat isn't the only environmental factor that can damage stored goods. Temperatures that are too cold can freeze liquids and degrade the quality of electronics. Heated storage units can help people who live in cold climates protect their belongings during the winter. These storage units often run on a thermostat. When the temperature falls between a set point, the heating system will turn on to ensure that your belongings are always kept at a safe and comfortable temperature.

3. Humidity-Controlled Storage Units

You can find climate-controlled self-storage units that also control and maintain ideal humidity levels. This can be especially important in humid environments, such as those located near water. Humidity control can keep documents, artwork, and other paper and fabric goods free from mold and mildew.

4. Wine Storage Units

Wine is a classic alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed casually with a meal. However, some people like to invest in rare and unusual wines. Wine is unique because it's one consumable that can actually get better with time, as long as it's stored properly. You can save yourself the hassle of building a wine cellar at home by renting a climate-controlled storage unit specifically designed to store wine.

These storage units maintain ideal temperature and humidity for the storage of wine. They're also kept dark to help you avoid damaging your wine with excess light exposure. Climate-controlled wine storage units may also feature air purification to ensure that air pollution does not change the taste and quality of your wine collection.