Treadmill Storage Tips That Will Ensure Your Machine Runs When You Need It Again

Do you have a treadmill that you need to get out of your home? Perhaps you are moving to a smaller space, need to declutter or have plans to repurpose the room where the treadmill is located. You may be like many people who do not necessarily want to get rid of items that they do not have space for. The following are a few storage pointers that can help you get started and protect your investment.

Storage Options

You may have thought about storing your treadmill at a friend or family member's house. There are a couple of reasons why this may be a bad idea. If it gets damaged while at their home, it may cause problems with your relationship. It is also possible for your loved one to eventually feel as though your machine is taking up much-needed space in their home. Very few people want to look at or be responsible for other's belongings for an extended length of time. This is why it is sensible to opt for self-storage. Ideally, you should choose a climate controlled unit due to the sensitivity that electronics can have to temperature fluctuations and humidity. A climate-controlled unit will protect your treadmill's motor from rust and other components such as the walking belt from mold. 


Clean your treadmill prior to storing it. You also need to consider lubricating the appropriate areas of the machine using a silicon-based lubricant. Reduce the tension between the walking belt and your treadmill's motor. If you allow the tension to stay in the position you use when you operate the treadmill, damage might occur while the machine is sitting in storage. You should not have to disassemble the machine to store it. However, if you have a model that folds, you can fold it prior to transporting it. Secure the electrical cord to prevent it from getting damaged and to avoid an accidental trip over the cord. Wrap a towel, bubble wrap, or newspaper around the screen to protect it.


Before you put your treadmill into storage, take a moment and determine if you have additional items that would warrant getting a standard-sized unit. If not, check with the storage dealer to determine if they have small spaces for rent. Store your treadmill on a level floor in an upright position. Even if you have a folding model, do not store it on its side because mechanical damages could occur if the machine sits for months on its side.

Do some additional reading about self storage to find the best unit for storing your treadmill or other items.