A Good Storage Unit

When you are moving into a new house and you find that it is too small for all of your thing to fit, you may go through a panic attack, but remember that you can store your things in a storage unit. There are many different types of storage units that you can put your things, and most of them are fantastic when it comes to keeping your things just the way that you left them. However, there are a few features that you want to make sure that your storage unit has. Here are just a few things to look for in a good storage unit.

Pest Control

You would never want to come back to your things and find that a rodent or insects got into your things. When you are looking for a good storage unit, check for any signs that there could be pest infestation. You are going to want to look for any type of insects, and you are going to want to look for any fecal pellets that could come from small rodents. Also talk to the storage unit manager and see what they are doing to keep pests out of the storage units that they own. Most companies are going to be very proactive in regards to pest control.

Weather Proof

There is no such thing as completely weather proof because natural disasters can strike, but you want to make sure that your things are going to stay safe and dry for the most part. When you are looking at the unit, check for any signs of stagnant or running water through the unit. You may even want to get a later and check to see if there are any signs of leaks in the ceiling. The unit you rent should be weather proof, but talk to the manager once again to see what they are doing to actively make sure that the unit is weather proof.

Burglar Proof

The security at most storage units is going to be very good. The storage units are usually protected by a very high wall or gate. Then there is usually only one or two ways into the storage units and often those entrances are under a security camera at all times. Also there is a possibility that the entire storage unit facility is under a security camera at all times. This is good news as you do not want your things taken by someone else. 

To ask about these features and more, reach out to storage facilities like Pearl Street Self Storage near you.