Overcoming Obvious Obstacles: Self-Storage Tips For Persons In Wheelchairs

Self-storage is generally an ideal solution for most people who have lots of extra stuff and no place to put it. It is also an expectation that most people using self-storage are able to walk up to their rented units, unlock the doors and open them. For people in wheelchairs, this is not so easy. If you are unable to stand or walk and rely on a wheelchair to get around, here are some important self-storage tips meant specifically for you.

1. Select Outdoor Units

Outdoor storage units typically are at ground level. This makes it very easy for anyone in a wheelchair to roll up to them without interference. Also, many outdoor units have locks that can easily be reached while sitting down, a plus for anyone that cannot reach locks at chest height or higher.

2. Select Units That Have Electronic Doors or Doors That Open in/Out

Self-storage units frequently have garage-type doors. Some might be very easy for you to open from a wheelchair position. Others might require some extra push from a standing position. You could fight the garage door-style of these units, or you could find storage units with electronic doors and/or doors that open and shut sideways (like traditional doors). If you can find units with electric doors, those are the best option. If you cannot, then storage units with a more traditional door will be easier to manage.

3. Only Select Inside Units If They Have a Ramp

Most businesses are supposed to make themselves wheelchair-accessible. However, since storage units are not really occupied, monitored or visited by consumers looking for goods or services, many indoor storage units do not have ramps. If you want temperature-controlled storage and/or an indoor self-storage unit, make sure that it has a wheelchair ramp first. Just ask the proprietor before you visit the property and examine the available units for rent.

4. Request Special Accommodations (As Is Your Right)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA for short) establishes the right of all those with physical challenges to ask for special accommodations. If you find a self-storage unit that you really, truly want, but it is difficult for you to access it as it is, you can make a special request of the proprietor to make it easier for you to get to, and get into, the unit. The proprietor should be willing to comply.

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