Three Steps To Take Before Putting Your Items In Your Storage Unit

On moving day, loading up your household belongings, loading them onto the moving truck and dropping them off at the storage unit as quickly as possible is the goal, but not so fast. Preparing the storage unit for the arrival of your belongings will make a world of difference when it comes to the condition of your items once you remove them from storage, learn what important steps you need to take.

Make a Floor Plan

It's an excellent idea to map out your floor plan for the storage unit. A part of this begins with determining how frequently you'll visit the unit. For example, are you planning to store items you won't use often or are you storing items you need on a regular basis?

If the latter is the case, arrange the items in the unit so that the items you need to access the most are right at the front. Not only will this step save you a great deal of time and stress, but it will also minimize the chance of you causing damage to some of your items when you're trying to move everything around to find what you're looking for.

Locate Some Pallets

It's also a great idea to find some wood pallets if you're planning to place electronics or appliances inside the storage unit. Storage units do everything in their power to protect the property of their tenants, but the reality is that accidents can happen.

A heavy rain can cause flooding in the area, or a negligent tenant can have a mishap that leads to a flood inside the storage facility. When you put your high-value items on pallets, in the event water gets inside the unit, there is less of a chance of the water damaging these items.

Install Bubble Wrap

Consider installing bubble wrap around the walls of the unit; especially if you plan to house upholstered furniture against the wall. If these items are pressed against the all, it's possible for a small snag or rip to occur, which could damage the fabric.

The bubble wrap will serve as a bumper between the fabric and the wall that can help prevent any damage from occurring and ensure you take your items out of storage in the same condition that you placed them inside in. If you don't have bubble wrap, blankets can be just as useful.

The more effort you put into prepping your storage unit, the better. Make sure you take your time to ensure all your belongings are protected. For more information, contact a company like Stadium Storage.